Merry Crispness @ Gore Core


Crispness began with the making of our Crisp-Utopia cards, reflecting the light that shone on us in the many countries, many spaces we have inhabited this year or so past.

We posted these cards to family, friends and then some...


All the presents, still in their mailbags, were placed on the Crispness Piano.


Twas the night before Crispness and all the lovely presents had arrived. We celebrated Crispness Eve, as the Garton family does, and we opened all the presents marked "Andrew".

Some, like the records we kind of opened earlier in the day during the treasure hunt Justina took us on :)

First thing in the morning we opened all the presents marked "Justina".


Before we progress any further into the day, let's take stock of our gifts, some of which we chose to wear today. This is the chilli jam we got from Andrew's sister, Grace.


Some of the creams, lotions and gels we chose to wear today! The shaving gel from Justina's Mum gave Andrew a clean, pain-free shave.


Here's Andrew sporting a new pair of top-the-range headphones (Sennheiser HD 25-1). Thanks Justina :^) 15000Hz never sounded so good!


Justina displays poise and delight at the new Crumpler bag that will carry her laptop and spare her back!


And Crispness would not be the same without Crispness cards. Our cards are displayed for all to see.

However, passers by on Gore Street will see not only cards, if they care to stop and look...


...there will be elephants fashioned from stone!


We spent much of the day cooking... preparing for a late lunch. This is a recipe for Crispness Cake that Justina prepared.


The kitchen... is it ready for us? You can be assured it is... 24 hours access (is) required! Thermos coffee cups at the ready (thanks Patsy and Mark)...


Justina's cake mix in full swing.


The (wild) salmon we purchased in Tasmania several months ago. Clearly thawing after a long winter in deep freeze Melbourne.


Preparing the fish for baking.


Oil, salt, lime and some physical contact with the fish.


Whilst all this was going on, Supercat was practising nocternal vigilance by our sides... well, slightly upstairs, on the bed in his special fake fur blanket (formally Andrew's winter jacket).


With the cooking done, we leave the kitchen and find our selves in the sanctuary that is Gore Core.


With a bottle of our favourite wine... (and we ain't had lunch yet!)


Gosh, the cake came out well...

Posted on December 25, 2003


yep.. good fish.
life DOES go on.
merry xmas to you both.
i did what i often do and cook for others yesterday.
uncharacteristically, everything I cooked, I burned.
new b.b.q.s take some getting used to.

your mum and martin were very polite and pretended that the food was nice, although Netti cooked other dishes well.

stay cool


Posted by: ian on December 25, 2003

thanks ian :^) (that's my sister's husband). fortunately, no disasters this end of the country. certainly not at home despite the sirens hailing from smith street.

the fish was perfect. we cut it in half and served it up with a causcous salad, partially inspired by the splendid range of recipes in the cooking magazine we'd got from jane (justina's mum).

Posted by: andrew on December 25, 2003

Nice documentary! I wish we'd photographed ours. The best photos would have been of us all in the pool with our drinks - it was a hot Queensland day today. Even the dog got a stubbie :) (Slept well for the rest of the afternoon.)

Thanks for the phonecall in the afternoon - it was nice to make the connection and see how our days compared.


Posted by: Patsy on December 26, 2003

Looks like you guys had a great Crispness.
I wish i could have been there to enjoy it with you.
Alas, i was at Karens (my sister) place at Kellyville in sydney
eating our own fish.
Maybe this year??

Posted by: Michael on August 05, 2004

hi michael... apologies, but have we met before?

looks like we'll be in byron at the end of this year working on BayFMs NYE street party...

Posted by: andrew on August 10, 2004