the patton

i had no idea who mike patton was until the vocalist in my recent project, son of science, started goin on about some vocalist he referred to as "the last of the great front men". yeh, right... ok... then a mate of mine in london sent me some tracks from a Fantamos album... a few months later, when going through quite a difficult emotional patch, i listened to those pieces and then listened to them again and them listened to them some more...


it'd been years since i'd bought CDs but there i was buying up every album patton had produced in recent years and gorged myself on this man's work as i had done so 20 or more years earlier on work by bowie, eno, fripp and so on... patton's latest project, peeping tom, is no exception.

after 10 years of making dark ambient music and tons of radio sound works i got back to writing songs and panning out arrangements of pieces that became the summary of all that had passed and all that was yet to be known. owe a lot to patton. for the urgency in particular.

Posted on August 03, 2006