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sometimes new era's are born from a melange of the old... lawrence lessig says, "creativity is always built on the past", which i agree with, but i don't necessarily agree with the mash-up being the artform that liberates. that said, looking forward to the day when we can establish a database of public domain australian films and music, material that could be used for eduction, such as john hughe's defunct project that would have school kids use old news footage to help them understand the roots to our democracy, how it evolved, what it grew from and what it has evolved to...

we are the sum of many parts, whether political parts of synchro-spiritual parts that drift across this jewel of a planet suspended no where in space... can you hear me, far above the world...

8:27 pm

Posted on July 30, 2006


to know from a weary chaos
fresh green
organic order springs
without burden
spontaneous music..

Posted by: ancient 1 on August 16, 2006

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Posted by: ag on August 16, 2006