Seoul food diary 02

This entry covers three days of eating... I've only photographed the unique cuisine, nothing I've eaten twice such as cold and spicey soup, or "pond soup" as Justina calls it.

2005-08-03 060.JPG

Noodles with clam, Tuesday.

2005-08-03 061.JPG

2005-08-03 062.JPG

Wednesday consumption

2005-08-04 063.JPG

This was meat being prepared at the resturant I'd gone to for "pond soup". I'd found the very place Justina and I had been to some years earlier.

2005-08-04 064.JPG

The in-famous "pond soup". The first of two I've had now. This was the tastiest and cheapest. The second I'd had Saturday evening off the main shopping strip near the hotel. No one smiled as I entered and I was served the soup without a spoon, having to use a small bowl to finish it off with. It is rare to not be welcomed here.

2005-08-04 065.JPG

2005-08-04 066.JPG

Dinner, late Friday evening post Relay event

2005-08-06 067.JPG

2005-08-06 068.JPG

This hotplate is made of stone. I was told that it being stone it retains the flavour of the food, from meat to vegetables. I must say, the cooked kimchee was astounding! The hotplate is at an angle so as fat drips into a tray below as meat is cooked.

2005-08-06 069.JPG

2005-08-06 070.JPG

2005-08-06 071.JPG

Posted on August 07, 2005


Oooooooooh now I am so hungry. Thanks for the virtual pond soup.

Posted by: jc on August 08, 2005