Garton Watch

Some one had sent me a reference on from where I began a search of my own. Ending up on e-bay, I discovered a bunch of people selling antique ride-on toys manufactured under the brand name, "Garton"!

These two are the only with the brand visible. I love the typeface...

garton-pedal tractor.JPG


You can find these and other references to the Garton brand name here:

Posted on September 22, 2004


just try googling "rod garton" - you'll soon get plenty out-hotted tin-pan shoe-box blum-blum tin-toys a la garton that way - many days of furrowed brow had this way (my way, thereby)
nice to see unusual rusted colours in these pics, ta - i wonder if anyone could give this colour-range a definition (not "pastel" or "tropical" -wot is it? - "tupper-toned"?)

Posted by: rodg on October 19, 2004