Terminal Quartet

The Terminal Quartet was originally conceived by composer/producer Andrew Garton and video artist John Power as a means to define software as instrument, both in an audible and visual context.

The Quartet performs structured improvisations. Performers research and arrange individual movements in isolation from each other as governed by the context and structure of Garton's compositions.

Current works

Drift Theory is a collaborative composition, each performance entirely unique, each performance influencing the next, exerting notions of drift as it may occur in creative, social and psychological development, both of the performers and the piece itself.

Drift Theory is based on four movements, each defined by a research strand that has at its core, principles of drift that influence the overall direction and outcomes of the subject matter explored.

The word drift is used to define a system having a distribution of events, objects, associations and intentions of individual velocities.

Listen to Drift Theory 01, or download from Betoni.

Drift Theory 02 was broadcast on ABC Classic FM 12 January 2005.


  • 2005-04-19 Make it up Club
    Andrew Garton, Ollie Olsen, Steve Law, John Arthur Grant
    Bar Open, Fitzroy, Melbourne

  • 2004-07-25 Small Black Box/Liquid Architecture
    Andrew Garton, Andy Bagley, Paul Abad, Andrew Kettle
    Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane

  • 2003-12-18 Drift Theory - Debut performance
    Andrew Garton, Steve Law, Paul Abad, Jeremy Yuille
    Lambsgo Bar, Fitzroy, Melbourne


  • Stereo or 5.1 surround sound system + operator
  • Video projector + screen
  • 4 x spots hung above each performer

View Terminal Quartet stage layout

About Andrew Garton

Andrew Garton is an internationally respected composer, performer and producer working within an interdiciplanry context since the late 70s. His compositions and performances are minimalist by nature and generative in actuation. Commissioned sound works and performances have taken him throughout Europe and Asia. He is co-founder of c2o/Toy Satellite and Secession Records.

Posted on June 10, 2004