ccSalon reprise

it was quite a night... i'm not sure what happened, cause it was all pretty much hit and miss given the fluidity of the agenda... i mean, it was lovely, but not everyone turned up for the 9am-ish start and i didn't realise the OAK Report was being launched that evening, just prior to our event and that it was all integrated... but that meant we had some exception legal minds in tow and opportunities to broaden exposure to the kind of work some of us engage with.

overall, a fine start to what may well transpire as the first of many more such events nation-wide. clearly, a lot of consciousness raising will be required to alert creatives to a broader understanding of flexible licenses... if anything, it may just keep their audiences and listeners out of jail come january 1, 2007!

i really enjoyed the works that were contributed through the flickr community, such as these few that were published after the event:

Photo: yinyang

Photo: yinyang

Photo: Felix42

Photo: RaeA

ccSalon, Brisbane, 2006.

Posted on December 01, 2006


Creative Commons is all about fluidity, Andrew ;)
Thanks again for your immersive emulsions + filmic Flickr inclusions.
Australia’s creatives + jurists + commentators continue to benefit from your insights + artistry.
May the toy satellite be in orbit at the next ccSalon.

Posted by: Rachel on December 04, 2006

fluidity and spontaneity! the basis for creativity in a way :]

i've nearly completed the video piece with 10 mins of the collusion inspired piece and will let you know when it's done. will put it up on engagemedia and possibly revver as the fund-raiser piece...


Posted by: ag on December 04, 2006