The 2030 Derive

On the occasion of Art's Birthday Andrew Garton revisits Radio Derive, a non-linear "re-invented" internet and radio play based on a 30 year plan to "manage growth and change across Metropolitan Melbourne." A reinterpretation of Radio Derive has seen the emergence of a new work, The 2030 Derive.

The 2030 Derive deconstructs ministerial language, reducing it to an ineffectual text and uninspirational narrative of the ongoing erosion of public and individual rights towards the semi-permanent creation of the city as we know it.

Bound within The 2030 Derive is a dialogue that unravels support for commerce at the expense of the citizenry, where centres for creativity and cultural development become the battle grounds between those who aspire to debt and commodified existences and those who choose to live with difference, reverence and a sense of custodianship to the land we inhabit.

The 2030 Derive was produced for "Permanent Creation", an EBU Ars Acustica Special Evening by KunstRadio (Vienna) for Arts Birthday.

The 2030 Derive Stream (stream now offline)

KunstRadio's Arts Birthday Site

  • Conceived and Produced by Andrew Garton
  • Performed by Beth Schubal, Mark Tallon, Andrew Garton
  • Sound processing and production by Steve Law
  • Audio Streaming provided by

Produced by Toy Satellite, Melbourne

About Radio Derive and origins of The 2030 Derive

Posted on January 16, 2005