Site update 01

There's a few things that ain't working as you'll find when selecting a category. I'm also re-thinking the structure as the site does not only need to support journal like entries, it needs to act as a kind of repository for project information, papers, sound, video and photographic archives.

We are experimenting with MoveableType as a back-end to this and other personal sites at Toy Satellite. To ensure a more conventional site structure we will be using PHP includes. This will see the sidebar as a single text file ensuring each category has its own listing of existing topics, or entries.

I don't code websites anymore, but like to keep some tangible engagement with emergent technologies. I taught myself how to code up SMIL documents some years back, but there was NO interest in Synchronised Multimedia Integration Language back in the late 90s and I was quickly tiring of encouraging organisations and institutions in this country to embrace such innovations.

I wrote a brief paper on the possibilities for online/interactive documentaries utilising tools such as SMIL. It stirred little interest until recent years when those with access to far greater resources than ourselves were able to charge ahead in a fanfare of vanguardism whilst we were left guarding the van.

Posted on February 12, 2004