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Steve Law

Leading Australian underground music producer and composer, from 1983 to the present, Steve has written and performed with Foil, Cyberdada and his infamous solo project, Zen Paradox. His many collaborations have included Ollie Olsen, Voiteck, Atom Heart, Tetsu Inoue, Riou, Speedy J, Alistair Riddell, Self Transforming Machine Elves, Monolake, Andrew Garton, Dale Nason, Bochum Welt, Terence Ho, Viridian, Paul Abad, Ai Yamamoto and Kazu Kimura. Regular live performer at Teriyaki.

Steve is released internationally on various labels and now on his own, Solitary.

Andrew Garton

Andrew Garton (b. 1962) is an internationally respected composer, performer and producer within interdisciplinary and cross-cultural contexts. Since 1989 he has contributed to the development of low-cost computer networks in Australia and countless community networking initiatives throughout the Asia Pacific region. He is a Council Member of the Association for Progressive Communications, and contributes to information technology rights forums within civil society sectors.

His first major generative online composition, the six-week opus Sensorium Connect (1997), was commissioned by ABC Radio and produced in collaboration with the performance artist Stelarc. Garton's award-winning virtual opera, Auslšnder Micro (1999), explored the plight of Eastern European political refugees. His nine-day generative composition and installation, Tat Fat Size Temple (2000), was released by ORF Kunstradio, Austria, as CD and booklet of their landmark collaborative netcast, Sound Drifting.

Garton is Creative Director/Principal Artist and co-founder of Toy Satellite, and co-founder of c2o Hosting and Secession Records. He currently writes for and performs with The Terminal Quartet and the Son of Science Ensemble.

Justina Curtis

Webmaster c2o / Toy Satellite.

Beth Schubel

Mark Tallon

Adam Burns

Founder of

Re-inventing Radio. The theory and practice of contemporary radio art.
25 years of Ars Electronica, 80 years of Radio. The Long Night of Radio Art. 3-4 September 2004.



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