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Rare Political French Film Classic - First Ever Australian Screening!!!

Never before seen in Australia, Guy Debord's "Society of the Spectacle" is the 1973 film adaptation of the seminal post modern written polemic of the same name. The film is an almost impenetrably dense montage of wildly miscellaneous material turned to a new, subversive philosophical purpose.

"Society of the Spectacle" is the crowning cut and paste film work of the late Guy Debord - the best known of the Situationists- the obscure art/political group whose anarcho-syndicalist ideas and slogans directly informed and fuelled the tumultuous student/worker uprising of Paris 1968.

The shock tactics of the Situationists were later echoed in Punk, particularly the media gestures and visual style of the Sex Pistols, and more recently the work of such artists and media activists Barbara Kruger, Cindy Sherman and the Department of Ongoing Digital Situations.

Guy Debord committed suicide in 1994. This bittersweet swan song to the 20th Century is premiered in a video projected version with subtitles by Keith Sanborn. "Society of the Spectacle" is a brilliant critique of passivity and alienation, and a damning yet humorous expose of the workings of beurocracy and power in all its contemporary forms.

It screens with Craig Baldwin's 1992 film collage masterpiece "Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America" and David Cox's 1990 live action/animated anti-Nazi short "Puppenhead".

Program begins at 7.00 pm, State Film Theatre, 1 Macarthur Place East Melbourne, Thursday 12th of December 1996.

$5 concession, $7 waged.

For more information contact:

Department of Ongoing Digital Situations
Alberto Tsara
Ion Van Gemsy

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